To Infinity and Beyond

User Research + Visual Identity + UX
Recycling. If us humans properly understood recycling and recycled the products we consumed, The UN would have one less sustainability goal to worry about. Recycling was first introduced as a concept in 1970 for the environmental movement and the branding which was introduced almost 50 years ago is still being used in the entire world and for each and every product. Moreover, as these products changed over the years, so did their recycling abilities and the solution provided was to add more alpha-numeric elements to the same symbol. After almost fifty years, the recycling symbol has become hard to understand and people have gotten used to seeing that small triangle symbol with arrows in their products and has lost its meaning for many years now.

it’s so simple.

The objective of the proposal is to re-design the recycling symbol and re-brand climate change in way that it creates an impact towards the betterment of the environment that minimizes confusion and time consuming tasks. This design solution believes in ‘all hands on deck’ as it involves major brands and companies to produce products that are fully recyclable and everyone else on the planet to choose those products for their use. The strategy behind this design is to partner with brands that people love and use daily, to create products and experiences that fund to fight climate change. When a brand turns a product or service #TIAB, they make it simple for users to support programs on the ground that help waste management organizations to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the affects of climate change.
Marketing Campaign
Aggresive Social media campaigns directly targeting influential people and their followers that are ignorant about the idea of climate change.